Gift Idea #16: Linen Spray

Do you want a gift for someone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer all day?   Give them a gift to help them set the mood for sleeping!  Spraying their pillow and bedding with this lavender linen spray can aid in their transition from work to relaxation. Add an eye mask for the final touch.Read More »


Gift Idea #13: Water Bottle with Vitality Essential Oils

Gift someone with a custom glass water bottle!  Attach one of the sample bottles with a few drops of Young Living vitality oil from your starter kit.

Glass bottles allow you to add your favorite essential oils to water for a special treat!  Adding a couple of drops of Lemon Vitality gives your drinking water a burst of citrus flavor while a drop of Peppermint Vitality is a refreshing and energizing start to your morning.  Entice your friends to stay hydrated with this gift.

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Gift Idea #12: Wool Dryer Ball Snowman

Here is a gift that can be used by anyone, but would be greatly appreciated by your frugal or  “organic” friends and family members. These wool dryer balls save energy by helping your clothes dry faster, but what I like best about them is that they are an all-natural substitute for chemical-laden dryer sheets. (A quick google search will help you find out what chemicals are in dryer sheets and why you would want to switch to these wool dryer balls.) Read More »

Gift Idea #9: Nighty-Night Spray for Kids

Here is a gift for those “little monkeys” that have a hard time falling asleep. Give them a soft, cuddly, stuffed animal along with this bottle of nighty-night spray. Let their new nighttime stuffed friend help them spray their room and pillow each night with an essential oil-infused mist. If the gift is for a child that fears “monsters” under the bed, tell them to also spray under their bed to keep those “monsters” away.Read More »

Gift Idea #8: Essential Oil-Infused Tea

Here is a thoughtful gift idea that’s sure to delight every tea drinker on your list.  It’s as easy as wrapping a couple of your favorite tea bags in paper of your choice. Add a few drops of Young Living’s lemon vitality, thieves vitality, or a combination of both to one of the sample bottles that came in your premium starter kit. Attach the bottle to the tea bags with a simple bow, place in a bag, and put it into a cute cup.Read More »