Mom Monday: Sleep!!

Sleep is such an important topic, especially for busy Moms!!  I don’t know about you, but my first child did not sleep through the night until he was three years old.  I’m not kidding…  My second child was born 8 days after my first turned three, and she didn’t sleep through the night until she was two.  Five years…  Five years of little sleep.  I was working full time at the time too.  Not a good combination.  These days, I’m happy to report that our kiddos sleep through the night almost every night, so I’d love to share what we do to encourage good sleep in our home.Read More »


Mom Monday: Daily Vitamins & Prenatal Vitamins

Last Monday I shared with you that we are expecting Baby #3 in October!!  I am so excited to share with you how I am incorporating essential oils and our Young Living products and supplements with this pregnancy and even after our baby arrives!!

However, I also don’t want this blog to become just pregnancy and child-related information, so Mom Mondays will be coming soon!! On Mondays I’ll share something pregnancy, nursing, or baby/child related, and then we’ll be back to “regularly scheduled programming” the rest of the week.

This pregnancy, instead of taking my usual generic prenatal vitamins, I am taking Young Living’s Master Formula (their version of a multivitamin), along with Super B tablets and Ningxia Red.  I got these approved by my doctor before I began taking them once I found out that I was pregnant.

My biggest reason for wanting to change to Young Living products was to stay away from synthetic vitamins.  (Bye-bye Folic Acid, hello Folate!).  I notice a difference when I remember to take my Super B tablets in the morning and when I forget.  Ningxia Red became my best friend on those days when I couldn’t stomach much.  At least I knew I was getting a little whole-food/super-food nutrition in, and I found it easier to drink things than to eat (Hello smoothies!).  And the individual packets that Master Formula comes in? So convenient!  Add them to your packed lunch, to your purse, etc. to make sure that you remember to take them!

Even if you aren’t pregnant, look into Master Formula and Ningxia Red as two great additions to your daily routine (or to replace the synthetic supplements you may be currently using).  As far as Super B tablets, I’ve always recommended them as a Mom’s best friend (Hello energy! Bye-bye Mom brain!).

Do you use any of these currently?  If you’d like to order your own, please use my link here: 


Find out more information on Ningxia Red here:

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Our Little Life Hack #13: How to Cut a Watermelon Easily!

Summer is almost here!! I don’t know about you, but I always start craving watermelon once the temperatures begin to rise.  I love having it cut up in my fridge, ready to serve as a snack for my kiddos or myself.  It’s a great healthy, hydrating snack.  I like to cut watermelon into bite-sized pieces to have less mess (no more drippy wedges of watermelon).  Keep reading to find out how I cut up an entire watermelon easily!

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Cauliflower Chowder

One of the meals that I made for meal sharing this week was cauliflower chowder.  I don’t always follow a recipe-just like my grandmother MomMom.   I remember calling her for a recipe and she would say something like, “Put a spoonful of this and a pinch of that.” These directions were always followed by my question, “What size spoon?  How much of a pinch?”  I didn’t understand how she cooked like that, but over the years, I have learned to just season to taste.Read More »

How I Organize my Entryway Closet

Near the front door of our home, we have what is usually known here as a “coat closet.” However, since we live in south Louisiana (and always use the back door of our home anyways, never the front door), we do not need this closet for coats!  However, our home does have a lack of storage areas, so I’ve changed the use of this closet to what our family calls the “Gift closet.”  You may have seen pictures of the door of the closet here, when I discussed how I organize our gift wrap supplies, but I have never yet shown a picture of the inside of the closet.

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Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Brussel Sprouts

I don’t know about you, but I always find that vegetables taste better when roasted.  Adding garlic and Parmesan doesn’t hurt either!  Today, I’m bringing you a quick and easy recipe for brussel sprouts.  Yes, brussel sprouts!  So many people think they don’t like these little green mini-cabbages, but it’s usually because they’ve eaten them boiled or steamed, and no offense, I don’t like them cooked that way either.  However, I absolutely love them cooked this way, as does my husband!Read More »