What’s in the Garden?

It’s hot and humid outside – not a place I want to spend much time.  And by the look of my garden, neither do many of my plants.  One plant however is actively producing.  Okra.

Now, I don’t have a huge garden of okra, but I do have enough to supply our needs.  As you can see from the picture, I grow my veggies in rectangular beds that my husband made for me.  Keep following and when he makes my next bed I will post the DIY photos and info.

This year I planted one four foot by four foot garden bed of okra.  I planted 49 seeds.  I would guess that about 35 to 40 plants grew.  If you are wanting to pick enough okra in one day for a meal, this probably isn’t going to be enough plants.  However, this amount is working fine for us.  Everyday with a pair of scissors  in hand, I walk around the patch of okra looking for pods that are two to four inches long.  In the beginning I only found a couple a day.  Today, in less than 5 minutes, I harvested about twenty.

okra cutting plant

After gathering the okra, I rinse them under cold water and drain.  Using a sharp knife,  I cut the cap off and cut the okra into about ¼ inch slices.  I don’t throw the caps away, they go into my compost.  (That will be another post.)  I place the sliced okra into a gallon freezer bag that I keep in my freezer.  When the freezer bag is full, I cook them.

Wondering why my bag is empty?  Today’s harvest was all I needed to finish filling my bag.  So…  my next post will be about how I cooked the okra.



2 thoughts on “What’s in the Garden?

  1. […] I keep the rest of my storage containers in the two large pull out drawers below my cook-top.  These drawers used to be full of plastic containers, however, over the last couple of years I have switched to storing my food in glass containers.  It is a personal decision I made after reading lots of things about storing food in plastic.  I am not going to go into that today.  Do a little research and make a decision that is best for you and your family.  Today, I choose to use these glass snapware containers.  I love how secure the lids are.  No more food spilling in the vehicle when I brought our “shared meals” to our friends.  These containers are versatile.  I keep them in these drawers between my oven and refridgerator/freezer because I use them for baking and freezing also.  I love these glass storage containers.  In the bottom drawer I also keep a few plastic freezer bags that  I use to store my garden produce like bell peppers and okra. […]


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