What’s in the Crockpot?

Cooking Smothered Okra

I cook smothered okra each time I finish filling my gallon freezer bag with sliced okra.  (refer to this post on how to cut and freeze okra.)

My easy way to cook smothered okra is to drizzle a thin layer of olive oil into the bottom of my crock pot and add the frozen okra from the gallon bag (you can also make it using fresh okra).  Plug in the crock pot, place the cover on top and turn the setting to high.  I usually don’t season my okra.  Instead, I choose to wait until I use it in a recipe and then choose the appropriate seasonings.   I stir every half hour to keep the okra from sticking.  When the okra has reduced by about half, I turn the setting to low and allow  it to simmer for twelve to eighteen hours.  If I am going to be away for a few hours or it is time for bed, I add about half a cup of water to the okra to keep it from sticking.  You will know the okra is cooked when it is no longer stringy or slimy and usually has turned a dark green to light brown color.

When the okra is the desired color and texture, turn the crock pot off and allow the okra to cool.  Once cool, I place the smothered okra into a quart freezer bag, label it, seal it, and place it into the freezer for future recipes.

During the hot days of summer, while picking and freezing okra, I begin to look forward to “Gumbo weather” as we call the cooler fall days here in Cajun country.

Sometimes waiting for that “Gumbo weather” can take too long so we have Our Little Way of dealing with that too.  We turn the thermostat lower on the air conditioner, take the okra out the freezer and before long it’s gumbo time.   The forecast here does not show any signs of cooler weather any time soon.  So… you guessed it…. my next post will be how to make okra gumbo.



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