Our Favorite Summer Snack

The one plant we have always been successful with is basil.  We love it and find it easy to grow.  While we mostly use the basil to make pesto, or to add a few leaves to our spaghetti sauce, we also love to use fresh basil in this summer snack.

The best thing about it is that the “recipe” is that all you need to do is stack everything on a cracker.

What you’ll need:
Roma Tomatoes (regular tomatoes work too, but we prefer the milder flavor of the roma)
Fresh Mozzerella
Fresh Basil Leaves
Triscuits (other crackers can be substituted, but these are our favorites for this snack)


1. Place as many Triscuits on a plate as you want snacks.
2. Cut the mozzarella into slices about the size of the crackers and place one piece on each cracker.
3. Cut your tomato into fairly thin slices and place one piece on each piece of mozzarella.  If it’s a small tomato, I use one slice for each Triscuit cracker.  If it’s a larger tomato, I cut each slice into halves or fourths.
4. Pick enough basil leaves from your plant, rinse, and then place each leaf on top of the mozerella slices (if the leaves are really big, tear them in half instead).


Here’s the final product:


Enjoy! We have used this snack as an appetizer for dinner parties during the summer too, and it’s always been a hit!

Did you try it? How was it? Anyone have another recipe that calls for basil or mozzerella? Tell me about it below in the comments. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Our Favorite Summer Snack

  1. Try tomato basil soup this fall/winter. I made a pot this week and it’s really good. Perfect for when it gets cooler (hopefully soon) and perfect for your basil!

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