How to Use My Favorite Coupon Savings Apps

In a previous blog post (you can read it here), I mentioned that I use various websites and apps to help me save money at the grocery store each week.  In today’s post, I’ll go into more detail about how to sign up for and use these apps.


Swagbucks (for coupons)

Instead of clipping coupons from a Sunday newspaper (I don’t even have a subscription anymore), I print coupons from my computer at  There are other sites where you can print coupons (like, but swagbucks is the only one that I know of that you also earn bucks back when that coupon is redeemed.  Here’s how you can print coupons from on your computer too:

  1. Sign in to your swagbucks account. No account? Sign up for one here.
  2. Click on “shop” in the left hand side menu
  3. Click on “grocery coupons” in the left hand side menu
  4. Install the coupon printer (link near the top of the page)
  5. Find coupons you will use by either clicking on the drop-down menu under “categories,” choosing your category and then searching, or simply clicking through all coupons.
  6. To clip a coupon, hover over it and when “clip coupon” shows up, click on it. Accidentally clicked on a coupon you don’t want to print? Hover over it and click on “unclip.”
  7. Once you have clipped all the coupons you’d like to print, scroll back up to the top of the page and click on the red button at the top that says “print coupons.” It will also have a number there. That’s the number of coupons you have clipped. My printer prints them three to a page.
  8. Most coupons can be printed twice per computer, but you’ll have to print the first one and then re-clip the coupon to print it a second time.
  9. Here’s the best part! When you use your coupon at the store, once it has been processed, you’ll earn 10 swagbucks per coupon redeemed! So not only are you saving money on the item you use the coupon on, you’ll also earn money back in swagbucks that you can turn in to earn giftcards!  Amazon giftcards are my favorite to turn in swagbucks for, but there are so many other options too!


Ibotta (earn cash back and bonuses)

Ibotta is a cash-back app that has produce options almost every week.  It is organized by store type, and then by store, and you must “unlock” each rebate before you can claim it.  I tend to shop first and then search through the stores I frequented for the items that I purchased.  Once you earn $20.00, you can withdraw your cash either through Paypal (my choice), venmo, or featured gift cards.

Right now, Ibotta is offering $10 to new users if they redeem their first rebate using the app before the expiration date (dates vary by users, so check your app to make sure you don’t miss out on an easy $10!).   

  1. Sign up for an account here, and download the app.(Please use my referral code: lxn2wa ).
  2. Log in to your app and click on the type of store you visited (grocery, pharmacy, etc.)
  3. Click on the particular store you visited (Walmart, CVS, Home Depot, etc.).
  4. Search through the rebate options for items you purchased, or plan to purchase, and click on each one to unlock it.  (Usually you must view a recipe, watch a short video, or answer a survey question to unlock an item).
  5. Once you have unlocked all the items you want, and have completed your shopping trip, click on “Verify Purchases” at the bottom.  (green button with a camera on it).
  6. You may be asked for permission to access your phones camera (allow it).
  7. Click on “Scan product barcodes.” You’ll see a list of the rebates you unlocked.  Click on each item to scan each barcode (items like bananas will not be required to scan, but you still have to click on them here to redeem the rebate).
  8. The next step is to send your receipt.  This will vary from store to store.  For example, if you shopped at Walmart, you will need to scan the QR code on your receipt, but if you shopped at Albertsons, you’ll need to take pictures of the entire receipt (one piece at a time until you have photographed the whole receipt).
  9. Submit your receipt and wait for your cash to be added to your account.
  10. Once you have accrued $20.00, you can withdraw your cash through Paypal (my choice), venmo, or featured gift cards.  Enjoy your earnings!

Note: You can earn even more with individual and team bonuses as well as referring friends to ibotta once you’ve created an account, so check it out!


 Walmart Savings Catcher App (get money on a Walmart egift card)

If you shop at Walmart regularly, this app is for you!  Walmart has been known for matching competitors’ prices if they’re advertised in a sales flyer, but who has time to look through all the flyers and then bring them into the store to show the cashier the lower price for each item when this app will do it for you?

  1. Sign up here, or download the Walmart app to your phone.
  2. Once you’ve shopped at Walmart, log in to the savings catcher website or app.
  3. If using the app, click on “savings catcher” (has a green pig), then on the orange button that says, “Add a Walmart Receipt.”  It may ask for permission to access your camera (allow it), and then scan the QR code at the bottom of your receipt.  Sometimes it doesn’t recognize the code for some reason (or maybe your receipt doesn’t have one?).  If that happens, it will ask you to manually enter the information for your receipt.
  4. If using the website, enter the receipt number TC# and then the date of purchase and click “go.”
  5. Walmart will compare your purchases to items in the sales flyers in your area and if a lower price is found advertised, you will earn back the difference.
  6. Once you’re happy with the amount of money you’ve earned, you can cash it in for a Walmart e-gift card which can be used online or at the register the next time you shop at Walmart. No more bringing in the flyer to price match your items! The app (or website) does it for you!


Checkout 51 (earn cash back, even on produce!)

Checkout 51 is another cash-back app that has produce options every week!  Each week a new list of rebates is offered, so don’t wait to enter your receipt lest you miss the deadline for that week.  Checkout 51 also allows you to enter a drawing for $500 every week if you have a receipt for a grocery trip over $60.  Once you earn $20.00, you can request a check to be mailed to you.

  1. Sign up at or sign up after downloading the app to your phone. (you can sign up by facebook or email).
  2. Once logged in, you will see a list of offers for you (this list updates weekly on Thursdays, so make sure you take advantage of any deals you see before they expire!).
  3. Some offers have limits, so make sure to read carefully.  Some offers have bonuses (redeem a certain amount of one kind of offer, and the app will give you an extra cash back amount).  This changes from offer to offer, so again, read carefully.
  4. When you have purchased your items and are ready to redeem your chosen offers, click “Upload Receipt.”  If the app asks for permission to access your phone’s camera,  allow it.  Line up the top part of your receipt in the lines on the screen and click “Take Photo.”  If not all of your receipt fits in the screen, no worries, just move the camera down the receipt to the next section and click “Add Section.”  Once you’ve photographed the entire receipt, click on Finish.
  5. Now you’ll see a new screen that says “Which offers are on your receipt?”  If you starred any offers on the opening screen, they’ll show up first.  Simply click the empty box on the right of each offer that you purchased on this receipt.  (Don’t forget to click on the “Win $500” offer at the bottom if your receipt has a total over $60!).  When you’ve clicked all the offers you’ve purchased, click the blue “Claim It” button at the bottom.  You’re done!  Now sit back and wait for the cash back to roll in!
  6. Once you’ve earned a balance of $20.00 or more, you can request a check to be mailed to you with your balance.  Yes, it is legit.  I’ve been mailed two checks so far and, if you follow us on facebook, you know that I’ve just earned my 3rd! 🙂

Shopping List App

National Consumer Panel App (earn points to use towards Amazon Gift Cards, or redeem for various products)

I’ve been an National Consumer Panelist for quite a few years now, and they’ve come a long way with improving their process.  I used to have to keep a scanner at my home, plugged in to the internet to be able to scan all my purchases each week.  I’d earn points and then trade them in for items from a catalog.  However, they’ve made it so much easier now!!

There’s a phone app instead of a scanner now, and your points can be traded in for Amazon Gift Cards (my favorite!) as well as items from an online catalog.  The more consistent you are with scanning your purchases each week, the more points you earn.  There are also chances to earn extra points through surveys, as well as opportunities to enter sweepstakes.  I keep it simply by scanning my purchases as I unload bags whenI get home, and then save my points until I have enough for an Amazon gift card, since we purchase through Amazon Prime often.  If you’d like to check out this program, use my referral link here: National Consumer Panel

So put down the scissors and forget about flipping through the coupon inserts in the paper.  Save yourself some time (and money!) by using these websites and apps instead!



Walmart Savings Catcher

Checkout 51

National Consumer Panel


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