What’s in the Garden? Bell Peppers

2 basket of blessings bell peppersWith my garden blessings basket in hand, I headed to the garden to harvest bell peppers.  The round bell peppers are growing on plants that I started from seed in February of this year, while the long peppers are growing on plants that I bought last year at the local farmer’s market.  I heard that if you can keep your pepper plant alive during the winter, it will produce even better the second year.  I decided to leave a few plants in the ground during the winter and since we didn’t have a very cold winter last year, they survived.  I trimmed the top and side branches in the spring and before long they were full of flowers and small fruit.  By the time the round bell peppers that I had planted were making flowers, I was already harvesting from my two year plants.  What blessings!

The peppers that I harvested today are going into my freezer storage.  First, I washed them and let them dry.  Then I cut them and saved the stem and seeds for the compost.

Next, I used the Vidalia Chopper  (I love this-it is so quick and easy) to cut the tops into small cubes that I freeze for gravies and pizza toppings.

I chopped some peppers into big cubes and added 4 ounces to each of my veggie stir fry bags.  I chopped some into long strips and added 6 ounces to my fajitas bags.  I placed the completed bags into my long term freezer while the incomplete bags I placed in the freezer of my refrigerator until my next harvest of peppers.

Since half of the prepping for fajitas is now done, I am going to put some meat defrosting and in my next post, I’ll share my recipe for quick and easy Fajitas.



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