Why Young Living? The Seed to Seal Promise

Welcome to our new weekly Friday post about Young Living essential oils!  Each week I will share various oil recipes, information on individual oils and blends, information about the company itself, DIY oily products, and the list goes on!  Check back each Friday to learn more about these amazing oils and their many uses!!

Anyone who has done any research into essential oils quickly finds out that there are many different companies and brands to choose from.  From those found in your local grocery stores or big-chain stores, to those that can only be ordered online or though a membership, Young Living stands out every time because of their amazing Seed to Seal promise.  This process, and the transparency the company provides, is one of the main reasons I have chosen Young Living over other essential oil companies and distributors.  I do not have to worry that the oils I order are diluted, include synthetic fillers, or are not the absolute  best quality, therapeutic -grade oils available.  I trust Young Living, and the Seed to Seal promise is the main reason.

What is Seed to Seal?

Seed to Seal is a five step process that Young Living implements to ensure that it’s members only receive the best quality of oils.

Step One: Seed

Young Living experts work with university researchers to verify the potential of the seeds to produce high-quality essential oils.  The seeds selected are chosen for their ability to become plants with the highest possible levels of bioactive compounds. (No GMO’s allowed!)

Step Two: Cultivate

Young Living farms are located around the globe, and sustainable growing and harvesting methods are implemented at each farm. Did you know that oils that are not up to Young Living’s high standards to send to its members are not thrown out – they are instead used as natural pest control on growing plants.  No pesticides here! Weeding is also done by hand.  Talk about commitment!

Step Three: Distill

Young Living is recognized as an innovator in essential oil distillation, and continues to combine ancient and modern distilling techniques.  Most oils are gently steam distilled, using a proprietary technique in order to preserve the special constituents.  Select oils are cold pressed or resin tapped.

Step Four: Test

To verify quality, oils are tested both in Young Living’s internal labs as well as in third-party facilities.  Young Living’s testing methods ensure that the oils meet stringent specifications, exceed international standards, and contain the desired levels of natural bioactive compounds.  Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or adulterated oils.

Step Five: Seal

Young Living’s Seed to Seal process is completed in a huge facility in Spanish Fork, Utah.  State-of-the-art equipment is used to carefully label and bottle each essential oil. These amazing oils are then shipped to members worldwide.

Some information was obtained from: http://www.seedtoseal.com/

Looking for more information about the farming process? Wondering if Young Living essential oils are organic? Check out this post: https://oilsistas.com/2016/02/16/is-young-living-organic/

Ready to start your journey with Young Living essential oils? I can help! Click here.


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