Our Little Life Lessons Learned in the Garden

Over the last 34 years of my married life, I have planted a garden many times. My focus has always been on reaping the blessings that it would produce. It wasn’t until my children were grown and I spent more time in the garden that I began to understand that there are many life lessons to learn in the garden. Lessons that could have helped me in all aspects of my life. Whether you are young and single, married with small children, raising teenagers, empty-nesters, widowed, etc., follow me each week as I take you into my garden and share the little life lessons that I am learning.


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Essential Oils 101: Learn All About the Basics of Using Essential Oils – Online!

Curious about essential oils? Want to know what they are and how to use them? Interested in ways to use our most popular oils? This is the class for you! It’s all online, so grab a snack or a cool drink, kick up your feet, and learn with me here on Facebook from the privacy of your own home.  Check it out here.


Essential Oils 101 Facebook Class

Our Little Life Hack #1:  Simplify Trash Takeout Day

Welcome to our new series: Our Little Life Hacks!  Check back each week for a quick trick or tip to simplify and improve your life. Remember, little steps help us to stick with a new change or habit.  

So I’ll start off this new series with a rather simple hack.  I like to get at least one more use out of the plastic grocery bags I get each week from our shopping trips, so I use them as trash bags or liners for my small bathroom trash cans. This also saves me from buying those specialty small-size trash bags. (#frugalliving) We also have a small trash can in the nursery since our youngest child is not fully potty-trained yet, so I use the bags there too. (Smaller trash can means it gets emptied often, hence less smells.  We can count that as a bonus tip! haha)

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