Our Little Life Hack #2: Add Some Flavor to Your Water

Welcome to our new series: Our Little Life Hacks!  Check back each week for a quick trick or tip to simplify and improve your life. Remember, little steps help us to stick with a new change or habit.  

We all know that drinking lots of water each day is great for our health.  It helps our body flush out toxins, improves our skin, hydrates our bodies, and the list goes on.  However, some of us get bored of drinking just plain water all day.  That’s where our next Little Life Hack comes in: add flavor to your water.

I personally love to add a drop or two of a Young Living citrus vitality essential oil, like lemon, orange, lime, tangerine, or grapefruit to my water.  Before I used essential oils, I would add lemon, lime, or orange slices.

Other things that work well in water are cucumber slices, berries (freeze them as your ice cubes if you like your water cold!), peach slices, and herbs (basil or mint are my favorites).  The longer you allow the fruit or herbs to sit in the water, the stronger the flavor will taste when you drink it.  Have some fun and mix flavors from the lists below to keep things interesting.



Some of my favorite combinations:
*Watermelon and basil
*Peach and sparkling water
*Blueberries and mint
*Lemon and lime
*Strawberry and kiwi

Let me know what your favorites are in the comments below.  Have a flavor addition that I don’t have listed? Share it with me so that I can try it too!



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