What Do I Want to Grow?

Growing a garden begins long before you plant the first seed. It begins with a desire. I WANT to grow something. I may spend hours looking through seed catalogs and websites. I am drawn to the colorful glossy pictures, and make long lists of what I desire to grow. But, before I place my order, I need to ask myself a few questions. The answers to these questions will determine if I place an order for new seeds, use the seeds left over from last year, or give up before I begin? Most importantly, it will determine what and how much I will reap in the end.

Our little lesson from the garden: Do you have a desire to grow something? Is it a garden? Career? Friends? Family? Home? Savings? Retirement? It all begins with a desire. What do you spend your time dreaming about? Make a list of what you want to grow. What do you desire?

My oil of the Day: I am diffusing Peppermint essential oil while I’m making my list. The refreshing aroma gives me a boost of positivity!




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