Our Little Life Hack #3: Keeping Kids Happy at the Grocery Store

Welcome to our new series: Our Little Life Hacks!  Check back each week for a quick trick or tip to simplify and improve your life. Remember, little steps help us to stick with a new change or habit.  

Since I stay home with my kids now, I do my weekly grocery shopping trips with both kids in tow.  While I’ll eventually get to shop by myself once they’re both in school, I still have a few more years before that time is here.  For now, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for keeping them entertained while I shop.

I try to avoid using iPads or phones to keep them distracted during shopping time. One day while in the produce section, I grabbed a plastic bag to put my fresh fruit in and saw the green twist ties there.  I thought to myself that I never grab one of those for my bags, they’re such as waste of time. Then it hit me – I gave one to each of the kids (still less than the amount I would’ve used on all the bags I grabbed in that one trip), and away they went bending them into different shapes and showing me what they made.  While it may not work every time (kids like to keep you on your toes), I like to have it in my “bag of tricks” for grocery store trips. Have you tried this before? How did it work for you? What are some of your favorite ways to keep kids well-behaved while grocery shopping?


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