Easy Homemade Chili

Does it feel like Fall yet where you live?  Any hint of a slight cool breeze here in South Louisiana and we begin to cook for Fall since it doesn’t always get very cold here. Ha-ha.  Some of my family’s favorites for the Fall weather are gumbo, vegetable beef soup, and homemade chili.  We serve the chili with corn chips or crackers and sometimes a little cheese.  It’s always a hit at the dinner table.  The best part about it? Only a small amount of prep is needed.  Here’s the recipe (which I learned from my husband):Read More »


Days to Maturity

20171008_121704[1]Are we there yet? If you have traveled with kids, I am sure you have heard this more than once. In fact, like me, you have probably thought the same thing at times. The joy I feel planting seeds reminds me of the anticipation I experience when planning for a long distance vacation. When the first leaves appear on my seedlings, I feel happiness like when I pack my suitcase and pull out of the driveway. Planting my young transplants in the garden sparks excitement similar to crossing a new state line. However, the day to day, week by week, caring for the plant begins to leave my asking “How much longer?”Read More »

Our Little Life Hack #11: Use Your Time in the Car Line Wisely

If you have a child that doesn’t drive themselves to school yet, you may have experienced the car rider line wait.  (If you haven’t, consider these tips for anytime you’ll be waiting for an extended period of time, like the next time you are traveling as a passenger in a car or plane, or waiting at the doctor’s office).  I spend a decent amount of time every morning and afternoon during the week waiting to drop off or pickup my oldest child.  Here are some of the things I do during these times (besides the obvious – talking with my children):Read More »

My Super Simplified Weekly Cleaning Routine

Have you searched Pinterest for all the cute little weekly cleaning checklists? Or maybe you jumped on board with a program like Flylady?  I’ve been there, tried that.  You know what?   It didn’t quite fit in my real life.  I was either always cleaning instead of enjoying my family and downtime, or I felt lots of guilt whenever I couldn’t keep up with the “prescribed list.”  Life is too short!  I’ve finally found what works for me, at this particular phase of life.  Read More »

Transplant Time

20170924_124232[1]I’ve sown my seeds, they are growing, and I am looking forward to transplanting them outdoors. But, are they ready to transplant? If I transplant them too early they will have a tough time adjusting to their new environment and may die. If I wait too long, they can become root bound in their container. When it comes to deciding when to transplant seedlings, I consider them ready to transplant when they have two to four true leaves.Read More »