Our Little Life Hack #12: Save Money at the Grocery Store – Freeze It!

I have shared with you some of the ways that I save money on my grocery bill before – including my favorite apps.  Today I have yet another frugal living tip for you in regards to your grocery bill: Freeze it!Read More »


Our Little Life Hack #11: Use Your Time in the Car Line Wisely

If you have a child that doesn’t drive themselves to school yet, you may have experienced the car rider line wait.  (If you haven’t, consider these tips for anytime you’ll be waiting for an extended period of time, like the next time you are traveling as a passenger in a car or plane, or waiting at the doctor’s office).  I spend a decent amount of time every morning and afternoon during the week waiting to drop off or pickup my oldest child.  Here are some of the things I do during these times (besides the obvious – talking with my children):Read More »

Our Little Life Hack #8: Simplify Your Laundry Cabinet

I have been slowly transitioning all of our cleaning supplies throughout our home to more natural cleaners that are free of harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to our health.  Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out some of the ingredients on the back of your favorite household cleaner and Google them with the words “dangers of” in front of the ingredient.  Endocrine disruptors and carcinogens are usually among the most common side effects!Read More »

Our Little Life Hack #7: Make Your Calendar Last

September is here, and so is the new school year.  For our family, that means our calendar is now filled with activities and events almost every evening.  In order to keep ourselves organized so as not to miss anything, I use a dry-erase calendar on our upright freezer, located in our family room / den. (More of an app person? We also use the Cozi app on our phones, but that’s another post…)Read More »

Our Little Life Hack #6: Organize Your Kids’ School Papers, Projects, and Art

The school year has begun for us and this year I decided I would implement something that I have been meaning to do the last few years since my oldest began preschool.  When our children are little, we, as parents, want to keep every single thing they do (so many firsts!) to show their progression, or simply to remember these days.  However, it all adds up so quickly, and if you keep too many things, you never do take the time to look through it and stroll down memory lane.Read More »

Our Little Life Hack #5: Repurpose Your Items and Save Money!

Recently we upgraded our daughter from a toddler bed to a “big girl bed” (re: twin bed).  She was very excited to make this transition, and has been sleeping longer through the night since (Thank you Jesus!!).  The only issue we have is that she is still not potty-trained.  We’re working on it…  This means that she may end up having a leaking diaper, or an accident while she is in the bed.Read More »

Our Little Life Hack #4: Healthy Popsicles & Avoiding Food Waste

I don’t know about you, but it seems as though on the weeks I’ve bought the 1 lb pack of strawberries, the pack is gone in a day or two.  Everyone wants strawberries! So on my next weekly grocery shopping trip, I buy the 2 lb pack of strawberries and I end up throwing away old, yucky strawberries by the end of the week because barely any were eaten.  It’s so difficult to guess whether this week will be a strawberry week or not.  By the way, this goes for lots of different fruits in my household, not just strawberries.  So what can I do to avoid wasting perfectly good produce that my kids are just “not in the mood for” this week?  Hello healthy popsicles!Read More »

Our Little Life Hack #3: Keeping Kids Happy at the Grocery Store

Welcome to our new series: Our Little Life Hacks!  Check back each week for a quick trick or tip to simplify and improve your life. Remember, little steps help us to stick with a new change or habit.  

Since I stay home with my kids now, I do my weekly grocery shopping trips with both kids in tow.  While I’ll eventually get to shop by myself once they’re both in school, I still have a few more years before that time is here.  For now, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve for keeping them entertained while I shop.Read More »