Dollar DIY Birthday Party Favors – Minnie Mouse and Knights

April is always a eventful month for our family with Easter, our son’s birthday, and our daughter’s birthday.  This year we combined their birthday parties, but we still let each child choose their theme.  While I did scale back on the amount of decorations I had this year, I still had theme-related party favors for our guests.  Since I purchased party favors for each child’s birthday party theme, I wanted to make sure I kept the cost low.  In the past, I’ve ordered from Oriental Trading, but the party was a little last-minute this year, so I had to find the items in my budget from our local stores.  We do have a few Dollar Tree stores in the area, so there’s always that option, but we ultimately found the favors we chose at Target.
Minnie Mouse Playdough Favors

Our daughter loves Minnie Mouse, so I added mouse ears and a pink bow to full size containers of Playdough that I found for 99 cents each at Target.  I traced the inside of a roll of washi tape to make the circles for the ears.  I used the remainder of a black poster board I used to make her Minnie Mouse invitations.
Black Circles for Ears

The bows were made from a spool of ribbon that I found at the Dollar Tree.  (I cut the ribbon in half to make it thinner before tying each bow).

I attached the ears with tape and the bow with a hot glue gun.

Minnie Mouse Playdough Party Favors
Knight Bubble Swords Favor
My son requested a knight birthday theme this year, so his favors are a bit more of a stretch for the theme, but the kids liked them.  We found these bubble “swords” for 99 cents each at Target also.  To keep things simple, I used an outline of a shield, copied it multiple times in Microsoft Word and typed a thank you note in each one.  I then printed it out on cardstock, cut each shield out, punched a hole in each one and attached them to the bubbles with curling ribbon.

Both sets of party favors were affordable, colorful, and the kids seemed to like them.  I also liked the fact that they weren’t gender-specific, so they worked for any child who attended the party.   These party favors could be adapted for multiple party themes at a great price!  What are some of your favorite party favors for your child to give or receive?  Let us know in the comments below.



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